Ayako Akamatsu Profile

Ayako Akamatsu - Beads Accesary Designer and Craftman

Abstracting imagination welling up from beads one by one, she finishes the piece with various technical approach and her own unique experience. She established "Beads Garden" at Koshigaya Saitama in 2000 and run lesson school with a trademark she registered as "ビーズクラフトレッスン (Beads Craft Lesson in Japanese)" Moved to Urawa Saitama in 2012, she designs and crafts products for the shop "colore urawa" where her atelier lies in.

Activity History

Personal Exhibition

  • Wacol Ginza Art Space[ Ginza Tokyo ]📷
  • PIGA' Museum[ Aoyama Tokyo ]
  • Gallery Cafe bar Enyen[ Azabu Juban Tokyo ]
  • Café Gallery CONVERSION[ Souka Saitama ]


  • Japan Hobby Show[ Tokyo Big Sight ]📷
  • Beads Garden Collection[ Urawa Corso Street ]

Original Kits Shop

  • Briller Bijou[ Takashimaya Futakotamagawa]
  • Okadaya[ Marui Kitasenju][ Joinus Yokohama ][ Parco Chofu ]
  • Piacere[ Lusca Hiratsuka ]

Original Accesary Shop

  • Briller Bijou[ Takashimaya Futakotamagawa]
  • Shoo-Bee-Doo[ Akasaka Tokyo ]
  • amoroso[ Urawa Saitama ]]
  • Ange[ Urawa Saitama ]
  • Other boutiques and retail shops


"Beads Garden"
Published in 2003 from Artbox International

"Which flower do you like?"
Many accessary designed after flower
Beads BOOK Vol.2 (2002.8) from Wani Magagine

Sweet Accessary made of Rose Alabaster
Beads BOOK Vol.6 (2004.4) from Wani Magagine

Excite Encounter
Decoration of imagination "Beads Art"
Monthly Tobu (2006.1)

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